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(214) 384 6787

Preferred Vendors

“These are good people I use when buying another house or fixing my home. They will give you a great deal, get the job done quick and I trust their work!”

Loan Officer Justin Steiner 469-855-9062
Credit Repair Gary Hooten 817-793-2515
HVAC Kevin Krech 972-333-0437
Remodel/Painting/Handyman Natalio Rodriguez 972-849-0276
Plumber Larry Wilson 972-822-7722
Roofer Wayne Smith 469-682-2325
Foundation Larry Blakey 214-709-7880
Home Warranty Sarah Border 214-931-7504
Insurance Erik Gamblin 972-821-9913
Title Company Jennifer Makowski 972-436-8141

“Let them know I sent you and they will give you special care!”