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We appreciated your dedication during our recent home BUYING and SELLING experience

Susie and I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your dedication during our recent home buying and selling experience.
We have dealt with real estate agents in the past who have been less interested in what we wanted and more interested in what they would be receiving from us. You were an exception to our experiences. Not only did you take the time to show us multiple properties, you encouraged us to not settle and continue our search for just the right place. You spent many of your Sunday afternoons with us and never gave us the slightest feeling of putting you out. In fact, you seemed to enjoy driving us around North Texas as much as we enjoyed your doing so. You really made us feel like we were the most important people at the time. We don´t see that too often in the break-neck world in which we live. Once we found a home we were interested in, you made the buying process seem relatively easy and made sure we were aware of any issue that came up. We have never had a real estate agent accompany us to a closing, but you did and told us it was just part of your job. Wow! Truly amazing.
When it came time to sell our home in Denton, you were there and never made us feel we were asking too much of you or putting you out in any way. Once again, you made the process seem easy and made sure all things went smooth. And to top that off, you came to the closing on that house too!
Austin, Susie and I have grown to care for you as if you were one of our own children and certainly want to keep in touch. Your care and understanding of our situation and the manner in which you helped us is beyond anything we have experienced before. You are welcome at our home anytime.
Thanks beyond measure.

Larry and Susie Gourley (Sold home with Austin Holtzman in 2014)