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Foundation: The most important part of your house that you never see.

The foundation of your home can be one of the most important parts of your house and if there are issues, it can make or break a deal when trying to sell your home. Identifying foundation issues early and stopping them in their path can be the key to avoiding major foundation headaches in the future.  Some foundation issues may present themselves as cracks in the walls, floors, windows and fences. The doors may not shut easily, or they may swing open. These are all signs that you should probably consult a professional to assess the degree of work required to maintain a healthy foundation.

If you have not noticed any of these telltale signs of foundation damage, but you want to prevent them, there are precautionary steps you can take in order to keep your foundation in tip-top shape. Mud-Jacking, pressure grouting and watering the ground around the home are all ways to maintain a good foundation. Dryness can cause the ground to shrink and split, which causes stress to the concrete and building. Too much water, however can also cause shifting issues. This is why consulting a professional is in the best interest of both your home and your wallet.

Cracks in your homes' foundation

Cracks in your homes’ foundation

Please contact me if you would like a recommendation on a professional, experienced Texas based company who truly understands the unpredictable weather patterns, indigenous foliage, and overall Texas landscapes and ground patterns which can affect your home’s foundation.